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Zired motor

The Zired-Motor

Zired MotorThe Zired engine is a new applied for a patent rotary displacement machine. The motor can be turned in both directions (left or right) and also can be used for conveying or compressing. The engine impresses with its ingeniously simple design consisting of only five different, easy to construct, components (plus ball bearings and seals).

For the construction of the complete Zired engine only eight simple parts are to be manufactured, four of them are identical. Five of them are mobile and three are fixed. The same device can be used without modification as a motor, pump or compressor. This means that one produces only one device with an enormous variety of possible applications.

As a motor, the device behaves exactly like an electric motor, but the electric motor can only be driven by electricity. The zired motor, on the other hand, can be driven with liquids or gases (also steam). The rotational speed is directly proportional to the flow of the drive medium.

In the pump / compressor operation, the effect of the device starts from the first rotation, so the flow rate is also directly proportional to the revolutions. These can be made electrically or manually. The gas compression takes place in a low-noise and almost adiabatic manner, as in a bicycle air pump, and the efficiency is much higher than any other competing device (pump, compressor).

All these features make the Zired engine the ideal car drive. The advantages over the electric motor and the combustion engines are shown in the table below. (10 very good - 1 very bad).

In comparison: * Zired-engine Electric motor Diesel motor Otto motor
Construction cost 10 6 2 1
Robustness 10 7 3 2
Quiet operation 9 10 2 4
Torque from 1st rotation 10 8 0 0
Environmentally friendly 10 7 2 3
Repair and maintenance 10 8 4 3
  59 46 13 13
In comparison: * Compressed air battery Diesel tank Fuel tank
Maintenance-free tank/battery 10 1 10 10
Tank / Battery weight 4 1 9 9
No environmental pollution 10 1 1 1
No special raw materials 10 1 1 1
Tank / battery constr. costs 5 1 9 9
Raw material costs 8 3 3 1
  50 8 33 31










Specifications of a zired motor for a medium car *

               Download:  Auto_Calculation





*All statements can vary/theoretical calculation

Application Exampleszired

Can replace a steam turbine

Power transmission unit: The coupling of two Zired motors enables almost loss-free transmission of power. The coupling medium should be liquid in this case. This type of coupling can be used for example on windmills.



The advantages of this constellation are enormous:

         • The use of special generators would no longer be required

         • The foundations could be built smaller

         • Simplification of mechanical design

         • Massive cost savings


Compressor: The Zired device can be used in heat pumps, air conditioners, etc. or as a stand-alone unit. 

Pump: can replace any type of conventional pumps and does not have their disadvantages.
         • More effective
         • Lower production costs

Heat pump










Compressed air motor: you can use the Zired motor in a bus.
         • More effective
         • Lower production costs
         • Within a short time, rechargeable with compressed air (electric battery for at least eight hours)
         • The compressed air can be generated with renewable energy.
         • The air motor reacts in the same way as an electric motor.


 Zired-motor as compressor







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