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The Solution

We have developed an overall concept, which in our opinion, will contribute to the revival of the ecological energy production and lay the foundation for a life with much less combustion energy.


The three key features of our concept are:

In order to realize these three aspects, we have developed an innovative pump/compressor or motor, the "Zired-motor", and a very efficient energy storage device.


 Energy storageThe advantages of such a constellation are:

The simplification of the power plants means that wind turbines, for example, wouldn't have to drive generators, weighting several tons, at a height of 60 to 140 meters anymore.

In contrast to conventional pumps (e.g. the Francis turbine ) the unique Zired pump/ motor can pump the water to an elevated tank or artificial lake from and during the first rotation. This water has potential energy now. That means, at a self-chosen point in time, you can let the water flow down again; thereby, a second Zired engine (this time as a motor) can drive a generator with stabil rotations. This combination offers flexibility and amazingly many advantages. This way, we could finally eliminate the problem of the inconstancy of the renewable energies; as soon as the sun or the wind abandons us (short or long-term), merely the storage process is influenced. The engine continues producing power of the stored water/compressed air, until sufficient sun or wind will be available again. For the process of the compensation, when there is a lack of sun or wind, not only the storage capacity, but also other parameters play a decisive role.

By the interconnection of well distributed power plants, it can be reacted much better to the local power needs, a
nd no large quantities of power must be conveyed on long ways. The already existing power supply system would be entirely sufficient.

First, we will have to introduce our engines onto the market and develop them further, of course, in order to provide better usability in rural and urban areas. With our technique, however, we can achieve that everybody becomes his own energy producer. We are convinced that our engines, along with their accessible prices, will provide the creation of an environmentally friendly, energy-self-sufficient house. They offer a path breaking solution for all our energy problems.


 Zired-motor as compressor







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